At Datasalen you can find a lot of models of computers, video games and calculators. But it's just a fraction of all that have existed in the wild. The goal for the musuem isn't to gather all possible models out there, as it would be an overwhelming task. And there isn't quite room for all those thing here. But there are some items one can wish for. Some of those items are listed below.

I you have a computer, video game or calculator that you can't find in the datasalen's collection, that you would like others to see, don't hesitate. Just contact Datasalen. Make a cultural contribution and preserve it for posterity. Perhaps you have a computer, some accessories, some software or games, manuals or other literature? Everything that can be preserved for posterity would be of interest.

A small reservation
No PC computers. Unless it's an early model with a 8088/8086/80186 or similar processor.


Or whatever YOU have to offer!

If you have something interesting, don't hesitate!

Contact Datasalen

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