The history of Datasalen starts in Umeå in 2005. The objective of the museum was to exhibit computer history and publish information about old computers in Swedish.

In the following years the collection grew steadily.

In spring 2013 the collection had grown to around 140 computers. The owner put the museum's whole collection up for sale.

In 2015 the museum was sold, including this website. The buyer was a passionate collector of vintage computers and video games, who had been collection of and on since the 90's.

After a while the new owner realized that the museum, and even more the website, needed more time and attention than he had to spend.

As a result, the website changed owners once again in 2017. This also meant that the whole base of the museum shifted. The museums collection was sold and didn't go to the new owner of the website.
The museum is nowadays based on a private collection available at the museum's disposal.

The focus of Datasalen expanded a bit after the move.
Now there are more than computers in the museum. Video games, calculators and related litterature are now included as well.


I who run the museum now is Mikael Holm, also known in retro-computer community as Zeela.

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