Welcome to Datasalen

Datasalen is a museum for computers, videogames and calculators. At the moment it's just a virtual web-based museum. But hopefully one day the museums collection can be displayed i physical form.

It can seem a bit odd to start a museum for things from "just" 40 years ago or less. But, computer and technology ages really fasy and becomes outdated and obsolete after only a few years. And a lot of things are just thrown away in the trash, which is never good.

That's why it's important to save old computers, videogames and calculators.

Do you have an old computer, calculator or video game that is no longer used?
Don't throw it away!
Do a good deed and donate it to the museum.
Let posterity also take part of the techno-cultural treasure.
Contact Datasalen.
Most everything are of interest, but some specific items are we looking actively for. You find a list under Wanted.

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