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Toshiba T1000SE

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Here Toshiba had a strange little creation. First came the T1000, then the a little bit upgraded T1000SE. What is remarkable is that the processor came 7 years earlier and Intel's 80486 actually came the same year as T1000SE. But the thing is, of course, that the -486 processor use significantly more energy, which is no good in a laptop. More strangeness; it was no hard drive in the computer. Only a disk drive. It was 1 MB RAM in the original edition. 640 KB was used by various programs and the rest - 384 KB - was used as a viritual hard drive. If you then had expanded to its maximum of 3 MB RAM, you had a viritual hard drive at 2,38 MB. There was also a small battery that keeps the RAM disk (the viritual hard drive) alive when the computer is switched off. If you had made it bootable from the RAM disk, it started up very quickly.

As a further energy-saving step you could, as in some other contemporary laptops, lower the processor speed through the keyboard.

There was also a variant with a 20 MB hard drive but with no disk drive. The name was T1000XE. If you wanted to have a T1000-flavor with both a hard drive and a disk drive, the computer was named T1000LE.

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Former owner: Åsa Eriksson, Lidingö

Technical data

Year 1989
Origin Japan
Manufacturer Toshiba
Name T1000SE
CPU Intel 80C86
Speed 4,77 Mhz or 9,54 Mhz
OS Toshiba MS-DOS 3,3
ROM 512 KB
RAM Standard 1 MB, Max 3 MB (640 used by the program)
I/O ports Memory, com port, printer/FDD, prepared for modem, expansion, AC in
Text modes 200 x 24
Graphic modes 640 x 400
Colours Monochrome CGA
Built in media 3.5" 1,44 MB disk drive
Power supply Battery or AC