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A virginly computer. That means that this item is not yet built up. Telmac 1800 went to buy as a kit. It had no chassis, and the keys were of touch-control type. The circuits was connected to each others - short-circuited - by the fingers. This very early Finnish (!!) computer is built around the RCA's micro processor CDP 1802, and it run at 1,76 mhz.

The name comes from the serie-number of the processor. RAM size is 2 KB and expandable to 12 KB and ROM of 512 bytes (not KB) with the built-in programming CHIP-8. You can connect a tape recorder and a TV screen to the computer. Tone generator was included.

The Telmac 1800 kit became very popular in Finland in the late 70s and early 80s. It is estimated that it was sold about 2 000 machines. That makes 60 to 70 percent share of the total Finnish market. Quite a lot in the cradle of the computer era. Of these 2 000 computer-owner was around 22 to 23 percent - or 450 - member of the "1800 User Club Association". In the club you could get help to build up your computer, to program it and obtain various accessories. They also gave out there own magazine - Tieturi.

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Former owner: Kenneth Lundgren, Ödsmål

Technical data

Year 1977
Origin Finland
Manufacturer Telercas
Name Telmac 1800
CPU RCA:s CDP 1802
Speed 1,76 Mhz
ROM 0,512 KB
RAM 2 KB up to 12 KB
I/O ports Tape, screen
Text modes 64 x 32
Graphic modes  
Sound Tone generator
Built in media  
Power supply