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Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3

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This is an "Amstrad Sinclair" computer. Amstrad wanted to have its own operating system, but at the same time maintaining compability to the old Sinclair models. Therefore, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3 had two different BASIC's. A backward compatible 48 KB BASIC, and a 128 KB BASIC. It was introduced when Amstrad already had taken over and launched the Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ 128K and was a mix between the Sinclair computer and their own contemporary computer Amstrad CPC-6128.

Another novelty that this Sinclair had was a disk drive. It was of same type as Amstrad CPC-6128's disk drive. Of course. That means that it was of 3". The keyboard began at last to be quite fair, and it had lots of I/O ports. RAM went to be used as a RAM disk (the CPU Zilog Z80A had no ability to exploit the full RAM capacity).

Unfortunately, this machine came a little too late. On barricades were already Atari, Amiga, Apple and, above all, IBM and all its clones. Although the Spectrum +2A and +2B came later than this machine, they were just updates of the already launched +2 computer, so ZX Spectrum +3 was Sinclairs' (Amstrads Sinclair) last model.

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Former owner: Erkan Orhun, Stockholm

Technical data

Year 1987
Origin England
Manufacturer Sinclair
Name ZX Spectrum +3
CPU Zilog Z80A
Speed 3,5 Mhz
OS 48K Spectrum BASIC and 128K Spectrum ZX+3 BASIC, integrated with +3 DOS
RAM 128 KB
I/O ports Disk drive, disk B, printer, expansion, serial (RS232/MIDI, AUX, RGB/peritel, TV, tape/sound, 2 x joystick
Text modes 32 x 24
Graphic modes 256 x 192
Colours 8 colours with 2 tones - normal or light
Sound 3 channels, 8 octaves
Built in media 3" disk drive, reset botton
Power supply External