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If you compare with todays computers, this Sinclair ZX80 was not much of the world. Membrane keyboards of calculater shape which made it almost impossible to feel what you were writing. Which also got the screen to flicker. Hopelessly small memory. 1 KB of RAM and 4 KB ROM which ran the operating system, the editor and a simple Sinclair BASIC. You were just about able to start the programming, until you had to expand the memory. To play games in basic mode, was not an option.

But it was due to this simplicity and the absence of an own monitor and tape recorder and the fact that it was possible to by it as a kit - if you did not want to spend for a fully assembled - which made it possible to have a very low price of this home computer. During the years of its existence, it was sold approximately 2 000 copies in Sweden from a total of almost 70 000 units around the world.

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Former owner: Loppis, Umeå

Technical data

Year 1980
Origin England
Manufacturer Sinclair
Name ZX80
CPU Zilog Z80
Speed 3,25 Mhz
OS Sinclair Basic
ROM 4 KB up to 8 KB
RAM 1 KB up to 64 KB
I/O ports RF video out, tape, Z80 Bus
Text modes 32 x 22
Graphic modes 64 x 44
Colours Monochrome
Built in media  
Power supply External