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Sharp PC-5000

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PC-5000 was Sharp's first laptop and it was a strange creation. It was Intel based and it ran a MS-DOS variant, but the hardware was not quite compatible with IBM's machines. Therefore, the operating system was of an special version. The screen, which was of LCD type, was not of full size. There was room for 8 lines and 80 characters/line or 640 x 80 dots in graphic resolution. On the upper side of the lid was a gap for accessories. At the rear was room for a built-in printer. I write "was room for" because it actually was an option.

Underneath was two cartridge slots were you easily could expand RAM, expand BASIC ROM or Easy Pac - a software containing the word processing program Easy-Writer II, spreadsheet program Easy-Planner and the communications program Easy-Comm. On the upper side was a special cartridge slot of the bubble memory with a memory capacity of 128 KB. Bubble memories are fast so it was good, but they were also very expensive.

Sharp PC-5000 had no built-in disk drive, which held down the size and hence weight. You could buy a dual disk drive for 5,25" floppy disks with a capacity of 360 KB. If you had a great need of a numeric keyboard, was it also as an accessory.

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Former owner: Lars Wiersma, TABO incinerator, Sollentuna

Technical data

Year 1983
Origin Japan
Manufacturer Sharp
Name PC-5000
CPU Intel 8088
Speed 4,77 Mhz
ROM 192 KB
RAM 128 KB up to 256 KB
I/O ports Serial, RS 232, extra bus, headphone/speaker, microphone, rem, 2 x RAM cartridge, bubble memory cartridge
Text modes 80 x 8
Graphic modes 640 x 80
Colours Monochrome
Sound Beep
Built in media Printer terminal (optional), accessory box in lid
Power supply Via AC adapter or battery