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Luxor ABC 800

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After the success of computer ABC 80, was the successor ABC 800 in spring 1982. Also this one with the main unit built-in in the keyboard, which was very ergonomic and user friendly. It came in two versions, one with monochrome display an 80 characters per line, and the other with colour display and 40 characters per line. The colour display was actually a slightly modified TV, and the resolution of 40 characters was due to the fact that Luxor had no TV that managed to show 80 characters while maintaining sharpness.

All who were at this time, remember that when connecting a TV to a computer, you also had a switch to toggle between computer and TV. Since many companies used the ABC-machines with colour, they also had this "Stenmark button", which was frequently used when the manager went out and they wanted to see how it went for our Swedish alpine hero.

Moreover, we note that ABC 800 came with more RAM and powerful BASIC, two serial ports and built-in drivers for serial and external storage devices. Furthermore, enhanced keyboard with function keys and numeric part.

At the time of the introduction of the ABC 800, was actually no software at all available. This was, however, quickly resolved, and you could eventually acquire everything to the office. Salary, accounting, warehouse, order, invoice, supplier, customer, database, word processing, spreadsheet and graphics are examples of this. Of course, a lot of games were developed for this machine, as well as to all other computers in all times.

ABC 800 came swiftly be followed up by the ABC 802 (little ABC 800) and ABC 806 (large ABC 800).

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Technical data

Year 1982
Origin Sweden
Manufacturer Luxor
Name ABC 800
CPU Zilog 80
Speed 3 Mhz
OS Luxor BASIC interpreter
I/O ports Display power, channel A + B, tape, ABC-bus
Text modes 40 x 24 or 80 x 24
Graphic modes 240 x 240
Colours 4 or monochrome
Sound 1 channel
Built in media  
Power supply Via the screen