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We all know about the ABC 80 (Luxor). Karl Johan Börjesson was the one who initiated The ABC 80. Jet 80 is the second computer as he has on his conscience. There was little resistance to creating a new swedish computer after the odd rounds of the "school computer" Compis. Eventually it became, however, production and it was done by use of assembly robots in Sweden. Not as it was intended from the beginning through the cheap labor in, for example, Taiwan, which actually was more expensive than assembly robots.

They gladly boasted that this Jet 80 was three times as fast as competing Intel CPU-based micro computers with MS-DOS (read IBM-PC or compatible) and thought that they could compete with them, even beat them. This was partly due to how the computer was built around just one card, the much sharper operating system and how it was adapted to the computer and how the adressing was done. Furthermore, you can connect up to 32 machines, but to add any new hardware.

The network capacity, the effective screen of, and all the function keys made it attractive to the industry. Thanks to the many accessorie programes, e.g. Word Star, Super-Calc, the register program DMS and more office programs, they also wanted to reach offices and companies.

Normally Jet 80 came with two built-in flex drives in 5.25". It was also possible to connect a 8" flex-disk. If you wanted a "top of the line" computer, you could buy one that was equipped with Winchester-memory (we call it hard drive today).

After a year, about 2 000 copies where sold. How many it was sold in total, is unknown.

This copy is far from complete. It came originally with a 14" screen and a keyboard with notable 20 function keys, and a terminal to connect it to.

John Rehn, who was in the team that developed Jet 80, adds the following;

Kent Olsson, who was in the team that developed the operating system of Jet80, adds the following;

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Former owner: , Johan Hallström, Uppsala

Technical data

Year 1983
Origin Sweden
Manufacturer Jet Computer
Name Jet 80
CPU Zilog Z80
Speed 4 Mhz
OS CP/M 3.0
I/O ports 5,25" disk drive, network, modem/printer, terminal, centronic x 2
Text modes 80 x 24
Graphic modes Not by default
Colours Monochrome
Sound No
Built in media Hard drive 10 MB, power supply
Power supply Built-in