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IBM PS/2 8543- 044 (L40 SX)

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This was IBM's first real portable computer, or notebook/laptop as we say today. There is a huge difference between L40 SX and its predecessor P75, especially the weight. The comfort is much better because you can keep it in the knee without having it torpid. In order to get it even smaller, they made a fairly common trick, which was to eliminate the numeric part of the keyboard. But it was an accessory, in case you did concider that it was needed.

If you knew that the power was about to end and wanted to switch to the spare - when you were out traveling - it was just to change. "At the run", as it was called. No programs needed to be closed down, and the computer did not need to be shut down. Just close the down the screen and switch.

IBM PS/2 L40 SX had in other words features for energi control. In the event of inactivity, can demanding functions automatically be suspended. The clock frequency can also be adjusted automatically so that energy consumption will be adapted to the force required. If you closed the screen so inhibited running programs, and the computer as well, until you opened the screen again.

The PS/2 series had at least 4 laptops of which 2 with battery power. L40 SX is actually designed in Scotland. A few portable machines were developed there.

Thanks to Lars Olejnik, Falsterbo, for valuable information.

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Former owner:Oscar Bockerud, Mjölby

Technical data

Year 1991
Origin USA
Manufacturer IBM
Name PS/2 L40 SX (8543-044)
CPU Intel 80386SX
Speed 20 Mhz
OS IBM OS/2 and Windows 3.1
RAM 2 MB up to 18 MB
I/O ports DC in, mouse, printer, unknown, monitor, unknown
Text modes 80 x 25
Graphic modes 640 x 480
Colours Monochrome LCD VGA-screen in 32 shades of grey
Sound Beep
Built in media 3.5" disk drive 1,44 MB, and 60 MB hard drive
Power supply Battery or AC adapter