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Ericsson Step One

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Ericsson Information Systems, EIS, felt that they wanted do be part in the computer race, and contacted Japanese Panasonic. They modified an existing machine and gave it an "Ericsson-look". In particular, the screen was Ericsson's signature moves (but not in later models), with the characteristic sun visor as could be drawn up or back.

The venture was not entirely successful. 6-700 machines in total ca be regarded as a failure. Ericsson did chose the for its time dominant operatin system C/PM. What happend at the same time, was that IBM stepped in to the scene and, by virtue of their size and dominance, set a new standard with the new operating system MS-DOS, as the small and new company Microsoft accounted for. In addition, Ericsson wanted to sell the computer through its own sales and not through retailers. It was possible to run MS-DOS on Step-One, but it was a version that was not compatible with the original.

You could also buy a separate disk drive for 5.25" 1.2MB floppy disks to Ericsson Step One. Or 8" floppy disk drive. There was of course also an dot matrix as an option. It was not an original-Ericsson, but came from OKI. However, it had, like all other Ericsson components, the typical beige colour.

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Former owner: Ulla Kragsterman, Älvsjö

Technical data

Year 1983
Origin Sweden
Manufacturer Ericsson
Name Step One
CPU 8088
Speed 4,77 Mhz
OS C/PM, MS-DOS 2,11 (but not compatible with the original)
RAM 128 - 256 KB
I/O ports Disk drive in a slot (in this copy), screen - colour or monochrome, keyboard, printer
Text modes  
Graphic modes  
Colours 8 or monochrome
Built in media 3 slots
Power supply Built-in