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Maybe you have an Ericsson at home. But then it probably is a mobile phone. Or possibly a smal hand-held PDA (personal digital assistant). The fact is, that Ericsson has, as so many others, also been involved in the computer race. Ericsson PC is the sequel to the first model, which was named Step One. Unlike its predecessor, Ericsson PC was compatible with "the PC". It was an IBM clone.

You could get it with either a 5.25" floppy drive and a hard drive of 10 MB (1031-102 above) or with two 5.25" floppy drives (1030-002 above). Later came a follow-up to the Intel 8088-based XT computer. It was equipped with an Intel 80286 processor and was, therefore, an AT computer.

With fresh courage Ericsson went over the Atlantic to sell in the United States, but had no success at all. The Americans bought the well-known domestic computer IBM, rather than a completely unknown foreign machine. It was a gigantic flop. Even on the domestic market Ericsson began to feel competition from other cheap IBM copies. They sold the entire data division - including the terminal division - to the Finnish Nokia in 1988. Even Nokia decommissioned there computer market in the near future.

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Former owner 1031-102: ?, Bygdeå
er owner 1030-002: Kjell Tornstad, Knislinge

Technical data

Year 1984
Origin Sweden
Manufacturer Ericsson
Name PC 1031-102
CPU Intel 8088
Speed 4,77 Mhz
OS MS-DOS 2,11
RAM 128 KB
I/O ports Serial port, parallel port, keyboard
Text modes 80 x 25
Graphic modes  
Colours Monochrome
Sound Beep
Built in media 2 x 5,25", 360 KB disk drive or 1 x 5,25", 360 KB disk drive and 10 MB hard drive. 6 slots
Power supply Built-in