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This is one of the smallest notebooks I have seen from this period of time. With an outer of 260 mm x 191 mm x 38 mm is it good and well less than an A4 sheet of paper, and so thin that it easily can fit in the thinnest kind of binder. Easy to hide/store away in other words. Therefore is it only what is strictly necessary in it, no luxury, such as a CD-ROM drive nor even a disk drive. But it does not matter. There were various accessories to connect via a PCMCIA slot. For example, a disk drive. Which is good when you only need the computer, the programs and the documents contained in it. Then you can carry it in the small soft computer bag.

On the back is an entry point for AC adapter, a COM port, a printer port and a 60-pin port for the docking. Through it, you can connect almost everything.

The keyboard is quite compact but large enough to be able to write comfortably. The cursor is controlled through a small trackball placed at the lower right, and the "mouse buttons" are close to your fingertips on the right side.

The computer comes with MS-DOS, Windows and Tabworks, a kind of alternative shell under Windows, but instead of Windows - in case you would like it - to make it easier to manage and keep track of all the programs. Also included is a program called Winlink, to communicate with other computers. Winlink "clone of" the necessary files via cabel to the other computer, if they are missing, and then it is only to exchange the information you want.

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Former owner: fd Statsanställdas Förbund, Umeå

Technical data

Year 1994
Origin USA
Manufacturer Compaq
Name Contura Aero 4/25
CPU Intel 80386
Speed 25 Mhz
OS MS-DOS and Windows alternatively Tabworks
I/O ports Printer, docking, com, PCMCIA
Text modes  
Graphic modes  
Sound Tone generator
Built in media Track ball
Power supply External or battery