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The birth of Amiga, as we know it, are somewhat motley. It could just as well have been an Atari. But Atari took bad care of the situation and CBM was the company that bought up the company Amiga. The nick name during the development process was initially Lorriane, and after Commodore's taking over only Amiga, and then with the addition 1000.

This was the most powerful machine of its day. It showed 4096 colours, while others contented themselves with 16 colours. Amiga 1000 had four channels of stereo audio, 3½" disk drive in 880 KB, three preprocessors and the first of CBM's machines to be delivered with a mouse. A particularity that this Amiga had, is that when booting the basic part of the operating system, you had to do so from a floppy disk.

It was not a cheap computer, so it was not every man's property. Despite that so was the cost of an IBM 80286 PC about twice as expensive. Shortly after the launch began the real enthusiasts to form associations and Amiga newspapers were released. It became a cult and it was a bit of "war" between Amiga, Atari, Mac and PC users.

Thanks to Christian Johansson, Commodore 64 - "datorernas folkvagn" for valuable comments.

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Former owner: Arne Sandström, Umeå

Technical data

Year 1985
Origin USA
Manufacturer CBM
Name Amiga 1000
CPU Motorola MC68000
Speed 7,16 Mhz
OS Amiga DOS
RAM 256 KB up to 512 KB. With expansions up to 8.5 MB
I/O ports Joystick/mouse, joystick, expansion, keyboard, parallel/printer, disk drive, serial/modem, speaker R& L, RGB, TV mode, video
Text modes 60 x 32 or 80 x 32
Graphic modes 320 x 200 to 640 x 400
Colours 4096
Sound 8-bit stereo, 4 channels, 9 octaves
Built in media 880 KB 3.5" disk drive
Power supply Built-in