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When this tiny handheld PC came (it is about as small as a ordinary VHS-cassette), it was the first of its kind. Too bad Atari never came with any sequel. However, we have other handheld computers today.

It was compatible with PCs running MS-DOS. However, not all programs could be used in Portfolio. The limitation was the small screen, which not all programs could handle. If you did not update the working memory - RAM - it could also be a limiting factor.

Built-in in ROM is, in addition to the operating system, also a number of useful applications. Of course, rather limited, because they just use 64 K, but fully usable. These were a spreadsheet program compatible with Lotus 1-2-3, a word processing program with simple basic functions, a calculator, an address book with the possibility let the portfolio dial a number by using its speaker against the telephone, a calendar with alarm, a clipboard for transferring data between files or programs and a program to download - or upload - files with a compatible PC.

A curiosity about the Atari Portfolio is that it was in the movie Terminator II and "robbed" of an ATM, and opened a coded door.

Thanks to Cristoffer Lindeborg for valuable comments.

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Former owner: Robert el-Belbol, Linköping

Technical data

Year 1989
Origin USA
Manufacturer Atari
Name Portfolio
CPU Intel 8088
Speed 4,95 Mhz
OS DIP DOS 2.11 (compatible with MS-DOS 2.2) and program in ROM
ROM 256 KB
RAM 128 KB up to 640 KB
I/O ports AC in, Portfolio expansionsbus
Text modes 40 x 8
Graphic modes 260 x 64
Colours Monochrome
Sound Beeper
Built in media card port for additional RAM
Power supply 3 AA batteries or AC adapter