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Atari MEGA STe

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Atari Mega STe was the successor to the rather successfull Mega STf as it to the internal most resembled, settled slightly better. To the outer, it was a copy of TT 030 whose shell it had received. It had also received a detail from its internal, namely the VME bus.

To be backwards compatibility with older models and be able to use its software, you could change the speed of the CPU from 16 Mhz to 8 Mhz via the configuration panel. Or vice versa. A rather unique characteristic.

Another refinement was that you could increase the RAM with 4 MB of extra, by plug it into the VME bus. But only on models with 2 MB or 4 MB of RAM. To the models with 1 MB of RAM there was not even a monitor or a SCSI hard drive.

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Former owner: Kommunens returmarknad, Umeå

Technical data

Year 1991
Origin USA
Manufacturer Atari
CPU Motorola 68000
Speed 8 Mhz / 16 mhz
OS TOS (The Operating System) version 2.05 or 2.06 with GEM (Graphical Environment Manager) and GUI (Graphical User Interface)
ROM 256 KB
RAM 1 MB, 2 MB or 4 MB. Actually up to 8 MB with a 4 MB card connected to the VME bus inside the computer.
I/O ports Extra floppy, monitor, TV, ASCI port, printer, joystick 1 & 2, audio R & L, VME-bus, serial LAN, MIDI in/out, cartridge, keyboard
Text modes 40 x 25 or 80 x 25
Graphic modes 320 x 200, 640 x 200, 640 x 400
Colours 16 colours (320/200), 4 colours (640/200), monochrome (640/400)
Sound 3 channels,  8 octaves
Built in media 3.5" disk
Power supply Built-in