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Atari 600 XL and Atari 800 XL was direct successors to the earlier models Atari 400 and Atari 800. The smaller Atari 600 XL with 16 KB RAM was less then the big brother 800 XL. In addition, they were fairly equal. Both had parallel port, cartridge jack and joystick port.

Although these models had better graphics than Apple ][ and Commodore 64, which came earlier and was very popular, they didn't reach the same level of popularity. However, there was some problems with the first editions. If you had bad luck the computer could lag, if you deleted a block or a line containing 256 characters. That was more than they could stand, but the problem was corrected in later editions.

Both machines used the same peripherals. Both Atari 600 XL and Atari 800 XL could run properly written programs intended for the old Atari 400 and Atari 800. When necessary, the old operating system was put on the new operating system and so was the matter resolved.

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Former owner: Madeleine Hansson, Malmö

Technical data

Year 1983
Origin USA
Manufacturer Atari
Name 600XL
CPU MOS 6502
Speed 1,8 Mhz
OS Atari basic in ROM and Atari DOS
RAM 16 KB up to 48KB
I/O ports Joystick x 2, peripheral, parallel bus, TV, monitor, cartridge
Text modes 5 different, from 20 x 12 to 40 x 24
Graphic modes 15 different, with 320 x 192 as max
Colours 256 with 16 colours and 16 intensities
Sound 4, 3,5 octaves
Built in media  
Power supply External