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The performance of this computer could almost be read out of the name. 520 were almost the size of RAM (512KB). ST stand for Sixteen/Thirty two and means 16 bit system, while 32 means 32KB ROM. But that was only as long as the operating system loaded from a floppy. It passed, however, quick to built-in OS in the expanded 192 KB ROM. The name was retained, and even added with an "F" when a built-in floppy enhanced the computer. The last letter "M" was added when Atari wanted to satisfy those who wanted to use their own TV at home, instead of buying a separate monitor. A RF-modulator was needed for that. And the whole name is completed. Atari 520 STFM.

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Former owner: Anders Lidman, Umeå

Technical data

Year 1985
Origin USA
Manufacturer Atari
Name 520 STFM
CPU Motorola 68000
Speed 8 Mhz
OS TOS and GEM (for graphical enviroment)
ROM 192 KB
RAM 512 KB
I/O ports Mouse/joystick, joystick, modem, printer, hard disk, floppy disk, television, monitor, midi in/out, cartridge
Text modes 40 x 25 or 80 x 25
Graphic modes 320 x 200, 16 colours, or 640 x 200, 4 colours or
640 x 400 black/white
Colours max 512
Sound 3 + 1, 8 octaves
Built in media 3.5" disk drive
Power supply Built-in