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Apple Powerbook Duo 230

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Apple Powerbook Duo 230 was a slightly sharper flavor than Duo 210, which was released the same year. What distinguish them was that Duo 230 ran at 33 Mhz. These two machines was the first dockable laptops from Apple. Thanks to that, there were no need for disk drives or other heavy and bulky details. Such was indeed available via the docking. The graphics was also modest with its passive matrix displayed in the shade of gray. But that was not a big deal, since you could connect broadly what screen you wanted via the docking.

DuoDock was the grand dock that gave most in exchanges. To connect to it was as easy as puting in a video cassette in a video player and it was ready to work almost immediately. Here was a pre processor, a disk drive and the ability to install a hard drive. Subsequent dockings could also deal with colours and had their own main processor.

MiniDock was a smaller and cheaper version to expand the capacity of the Powerbook Duo. It contained not the built-in facilities as the larger DuoDocken showed up. However, you had the opportunity to link up almost everything you needed.

The smallest variant was Floppy Adapter for which you could connect to a disk drive. Small enough to include along with the Poowerbook Duo 230 if you wanted to. There was also an entry point for external keyboard/mouse, which of course can be just as comfortable sometimes.

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Former owner: Hans Hultqvist, Älmhult

Technical data

Year 1992
Origin USA
Manufacturer Apple
Name Powerbook Duo 230
CPU Motorola MC 68030
Speed 33 Mhz
OS 7.1 up to 7.6.1
RAM 4 MB up to 24 MB
I/O ports Modem, docking connection, AC in, printer/modem, keyboard/mouse, extra disk drive
Text modes  
Graphic modes Passiv matrix 640 x 400, 16 gray scales
Colour Monochrome
Sound 8 bit mono
Built in Hard disk 2½" SCSI, 80 MB - 160 MB
Power supply External via AC
Apple DuoDock
I/O ports Disk drive, modem, microphone, speaker, SCSI, printer, modem, monitor, keyboard/mouse, power in and out
Buil-in Hard drive 325 MB, 2 empty slots
Apple MiniDock
I/O ports Microphone, speaker, SCSI, printer, modem X 2, monitor, keyboard/mouse, extra disk drive, AC in
Apple Floppy Adapter
I/O ports Keyboard/mouse, disk drive