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Apple Macintosh SE/30

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Apple Macintosh SE/30 was actually an Apple II"x" computer in a compact Mac 128/SE shell. It was a successor to Apple Macintosh SE. SE/30 was named by the number "-30" in the processor name Motorola MC 68030.

This new Mac SE, however, had some limited restrictions in the use of RAM. In order to have any benefit from the more than 8 MB RAM installed, you had to install some complementary stuff, to expand it from 24 bit to 32 which could handle more RAM. Without it, you could only see 8 MB of RAM no matter how much you had installed. The new video RAM of 64 KB did not slow down the RAM.

Otherwise, there was a new disk drive, which could read high-density floppies on 1,44 MB. There was now a hard drive by default in SE. You had the possibility of adding a video card which allowed colour on a separate display.

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Former owner:Hans Hultqvist, Älmhult

Technical data

Year 1989
Origin USA
Manufacturer Apple
Name Macintosh SE/30
CPU Motorola MC 68030
Speed 16 Mhz
OS Mac OS 6.0.3 up to 7.5.5
ROM 256 KB
RAM 1 MB up to 128 MB
I/O ports Keyboard/mouse, extra disk drive, SCSI, RS232/422 serial X 2 (printer and modem), speaker
Text modes  
Graphic modes 512 x 342
Colour Monochrome
Sound 4 stereo channels 8 bit
Built in 3½" disk drive 1,4 MB, hard drive
Power supply Built-in