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Apple Macintosh Portable

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This was the first portable machine from Apple, and as usual at this time one has to be nagging about the weight. Apple Macintosh Portable was luggable. Compared with other contemporary portable computers it was pretty fast with its 16 Mhz. But if you compare with what Apple had among its desktops, Apple IIci at 25 Mhz for example, it was quite a difference anyway.
Apple Macintosh Portable had a battery that lasted up to 10 hours, which was quite a lot at the time. You reach the battery on top of the rear and then a further gap for the battery. Unfortunately it was quite a large proportion of the total weight.
The disk drive was a 3,5", 1.44 MB drive and the hard drive was also of 3,5" and a SCSI at 40 MB. Unfortunately, a SCSI hard drive is more expensive than a non-SCSI hard drive.
The LCD screen was replaced 1991 with a backlit one and that was an obvious improvment.
Unfortunately, ther was some unfortunately. One was the price. Apple Macintosh Portable was quite expensive. It was not really the success that Apple had hoped for. But Portable was later followed by the PowerBook series.

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Former owner: Haroun El Abidi, Stockholm

Technical data

Year 1989
Origin USA
Manufacturer Apple
Name Macintosh Portable
CPU Motorola MC 68000
Speed 16 Mhz
OS 6.04
ROM 256 KB
RAM 1 MB up to 9 MB
I/O ports Monitor, disk I/O, SCSI, keyboard/mouse, printer, modem, speaker, AC-in
Text modes  
Graphic modes 640 x 400
Colour Monochrome
Sound 8-bit stereo
Built in 3½" disk drive, 40 MB hard drive
Power supply rechargeable battery via adapter