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Apple Macintosh Plus

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All of the Apple computers have had a code name during the development. Macintosh Plus was named "Mr T". Mr T was the first real improvment of the Macintosh 128. Between these two we certainly had Macintosh 512, but it was basically the same but with better memory. Macintoch Plus got more news and improvements.

Since we already have touched on to the memory, we can begin there. Macintosh Plus had 1 MB RAM expansible to 4 MB. ROM was also expanded. It now amounts to 128 KB. It contained a new and improved Mac OS and during the next five year period of selling - which was a Macintosh record - it managed to run up to the Mac OS 7.5.

The disk drive was now able to run double-sided discs, and therefor up to 800 KB. Earlier it was only single-sided 400 KB discs. The new SCSI port gave access to a wide and varied range of accessories. The keyboard was gifted with a numerical part.

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Former owner:Hans Hultqvist, Älmhult

Technical data

Year 1986
Origin USA
Manufacturer Apple
Name Macintosh Plus
CPU Motorola MC 68000
Speed 7.83 Mhz
OS 3.0 to 7.5
ROM 128 KB
RAM 1 MB up to 4 MB
I/O ports Keyboard, speaker, mouse, SCSI, RS232/422 seriell X 2 (printer and modem)
Text modes  
Graphic modes 512 x 342
Colour Monochrome
Sound Mono 8 bit
Built in 3½" disk drive 800 KB
Power supply Built-in